Souvenirs from the moon


I miss the little things

The nothings and the plenties

I miss your intense gaze

And your soft touch


Thinking over these stollen

Seconds of happiness

Will it be my hand that you take

When it’s time to want a lover?


You quietly pull me in

Without promises

Unapologetically honest

And set in your desires


I’m a sucker for love

Or maybe it is yours that got me

But what’s a girl to do

To win the fight against her heart


Like a reflection in the mirror

Day after day

I uncovered the layers

That joined our twin souls


You don’t want this heart of mine

Offered in sweet abduction

Nor will you take my hand

In sweet abandonment


You will never know

Of these silent tears

That leak through the cracks

From night to dawn


But how this stillbirth love

Drowned in its own expectations

Wakes at your summon

Never tired


Your beauty touched my soul

Reveiled me to my own self

What is not to love?

When tenderness wraps you dominant protection


A twin soul that forever escapes

The embrace of my affections

For fear of loss

For fear of ache


Mother Gaia


She is the loving earth

Mother of all

Impeccable at breeding dreams

And generous of respite

To all the children she gives her all

Spreading them from her womb

To crawl and rise , to dance upon her face

And delude life beneath life

But no man is bound to the soil

To be rotten and silent

For these unattainable heights

Skinning in the flesh of the Universe

Ready to engulf the voids left by a different presence

Unashamed to hold the sun

A boy named Peter Pan


Little boy
Lost without a land
Take my fragile hand
Let me sprinkle star dust
To give you wings
That take you were
Dreams and reality collide

Little boy
Hungry to live
When the night comes
Take this breath offered
In sublime devotion
Of a promise of never end

Little boy
So weary to grow
Trying to build his tomorrow
Like a fortress of sand
By the shore
Fragile and alone
You stand
Like a boy named Peter Pan

For all the wrong reasons


For all the wrong reasons
I set this peace to flame

Let my emotions lead the way
And let you win the race

The regret is plain on my face
But what can I do to ease it away

If this desire to love you through the ache
Is stronger than any prudence

They said be careful with the pain
How can I, if I live on it

What if I needed your love
And your pain brought life

I hope the joy subsides
As long as I feel this ache for you

Mots au tirroir


Ce dernier souffle qui ravage
Comme une source noyant la peur
Avant de rendre l’âme
Au feu existentiel du verbe

Du verbe sur un papier
Sans titre, par séquel
Je tire la révérence des mots
D’une douceur inouie jailli l’angoisse

L’angoisse du verbe étouffé
De la plume à l’encre guillotine
Sacrificatrice à la belle tournure
Qui rends l’ultime verdict: lâche!

Lâche qui lache sa plume
Au gré de la peur
S’enorgueilli du silence
Tel un prêtre sans autel

Trouver cette route cachée
Les doigts atroffiés
Gâchis d’un esprit qui s’oublie
Comme des mots au tirroir

A Sin?


If I want to be your guilt trip

Your little sin on the side

It doesn’t mean that I’m losing grip

If I slip let and let you ride

A cocktail of hot words spoken softly

Is enough to set my fire free

But I never trust promises made in hasty heat

Oh no baby, this is not how it’s going to be

Cause I may be a sinner

Yet I am free

You’re absolution is nothing that I need

And when I’m done with the deed

Heaven and hell can bound me

If I slip and let you ride

Doesn’t mean that I am weak

Because I am the tempting sin on the side

The Upper Hand


The little things you said

They were breaths spread

All of them shattering the doors

And leaving me exposed and ready

A light brush of fingers

Gentle and quick

Slowly treading our silver lining

Palpable and pure

You kept your touch

But freely gave away your words

Cheap counterparts to loving

My emotions became your playground

It felt good to you to know

You had me walking on a string

You spun my head in all directions

And pulled me in

I raise a glass to your coldness

And salute your heartlessness

Cheers to pain!

And the upper hand!

Miles in between

Bodies, between, together, grace

I learned not to trust my heart
Constantly deceiving from the start
Never aligned

We build sanctuaries
Erected amidst boundaries
Of sanded truths

I offer these trembling lips
Parted to sentence an ignorant bliss
Vision of a premature end

I wasn’t searching for much
Just to collide in early rush
Somewhere between blurred promises

The Final Exit – 3/21/12 – 5/20/12



I dance my way to the pane of final thoughts
And walk to the trails of beloved loss

Again I gaze at the setting day
And remember that much has fad away

It’s simple and little the things we’ve held
In distant knowledge of closing hell

I bought a ticket for the first train to Neverland
And long lost hurt I hope to mend

To walk a path ever so taken
In stubbornness of a destiny chosen

Behold the silence of lustful greed
For a soul that longs only to be freed

Golden Nuggets And Diamonds



The taste of home spawned to build a nation grand
Older than the records of man
Only the chosen can understand
How the price of blood on the wet sand
Is what formed them, made them stand

The sound of drums echoed back to motherland
My children, it said, do not fear, do not bend
We are the great ones ripped by the hands
Of those who call themselves the Greater Men

Even when you bow your backs in band
Stand true to the African land
Yes your bowls have spread and need a mend
But fear not the hypocrite hands
Extended to grip more than to lend

Conch in hand rally your troops in million
Let the journey back to Zion
Lighten you steps in holly rebellion
And march to freedom like true lions